Virtual Dance Party

My theatre kids play an improv game called Kinetic Dance – we’re all in the middle of the (dance) floor, and someone will step out as leader and we all need to follow their dance. Whenever they feel like it, they jump to face the right or left or back, and someone else (without talking) takes the lead. Well, we couldn’t be in the same room to do that this year, so I told them to video themselves dancing for 20 seconds (didn’t tell them why – drama kids are great at trusting me!) and this is the result. Please feel free to dance along – it’s a great workout!
Because of lag issues, all the students opened the video on their Chromebooks; we all pressed play at the same time and danced together as a class. It was so fun and they had a blast!
p.s. I can’t put it online because it has copyrighted music. FOR IN-CLASS USE ONLY


This is absolutely amazing @julianne.aguilar. Dancing is my favorite hobby!